In mahjong, the goal is to make a scoring hand out of your tiles before your opponent can do the same. A scoring hand typically contains 4 sets and a pair. Sets can be a Pon, Chi, or Kong.

Pon : Set of 3 identical tiles (Ex. 444)
Chi : Set of 3 sequential tiles of same suit (Ex. 456)
Kong : Set of 4 identical tiles (Ex. 4444)

Besides a hand of 4 sets and a pair, you can also make a hand containing All Pairs or a 13 Orphan hand.


1. At the start of your turn, you can either:
  • Draw a new tile. Go to step 2.
  • Declare Mahjong (Ron) if the opponent's latest discard completes your hand. Round ends.
  • Use the opponent's latest discard to declare Chi. Go to step 2.
  • Use the opponent's latest discard to declare Pon. Go to step 2.
  • Use the opponent's latest discard to declare Kong. You will be able to draw a new tile after. Go to step 2.

2. After drawing a new tile or taking the opponent's discard, you now can do one of the following:

  • Declare Reach. You must discard the unneeded tile for Reach to take place. Turn ends.
  • Declare Mahjong (Tsumo) if the new tile drawn completes your hand. Round ends.
  • Declare Kong. You will be able to draw a new tile once more. Repeat step 2.
  • Discard a tile. Turn ends.


1 Yaku Requirement : To go out in mahjong, your hand must be worth at least 1 Yaku. If not, then you cannot win with your hand, even if you have 4 sets and a pair.

Furiten : You cannot go out by Ron on a tile that you have previously discarded. Nor can you go out on any other tiles by Ron if one of your tile possibilities to go out with was a previous discard.

Reach : You can declare Reach only if you have a concealed hand and need one more tile to go out. After declaring Reach, you can no longer discard any of the 13 tiles that you still have in your waiting hand.

Dora : This is the tile indicated by the dora indicator. It is the tile following the dora indicator. For example, if the indicator is 3-dot, then the dora is 4-dot.


Character Tiles :

Bamboo Tiles :

Dot Tiles :

Wind (E, S, W, N) and Dragon (White, Green Red) Tiles:


 A-M  Select/Discard Tiles  
 N  Draw/Discard New Tile  
 Left Shift  Reach リーチ
 Z  Tsumo/Ron ツモ / ロン
 Left Control  Kong カン
 Left Alt  Pon ポン
 Space Bar  Chi チー
 P  Pause  


Tiles discard are place in your discard pile. Only the latest discard by the opponent can be use to make a revealed set.

Each player has their own score. When a player wins, their hand is scored. That score is added to the winner's score and deducted by the same amount to the loser's score. Whoever's score reaches zero or less first loses the match.

Each player has a wind association. There is also a prevailing wind for each round (Top left corner of screen)

The dora indicator is the revealed tile in the dead pile, the set of tiles to the right of the dog. New indicators are revealed when a Kong is declared.

Reach Counter (right) is  # of Reach Sticks on table. Dealer Counter (left) is  # of  rounds dealer has stayed dealer.