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Many years ago, before the days of Mahjong In MAME, Anton Belenki and Dmitry Kudryashov wrote a Russian language Video Mahjong Guide. Click on the screen below to see the site.


Gatinho over at MAMEWorld has created some artwork for MAME to help y'all identify and remember tiles, input keys and 1 Fan YAKUs. To download, click on the image(s) below, drop the file into your MAME artwork folder and enable bezels. We have Taisen Hot Gimmick, Lovely Pop Jan Jan Shimasho, Idol-Mahjong Final Romance and G-Taste Mahjong. Others by request ;-)


Here's a video of Kage's ending in Virtua Fighter Kids. It's actually mahjong related. I'm sure you can relate to the situation in the video as well. I know I can :)

Download (3.92MB)


If reading the entire site is a bit too overwhelming, here's a downgraded version of the site in the form of 4 cheat sheets that can each be printed on a single page.

Mahjong in MAME Cheat Sheet

Scoring Cheat Sheet

Yaku Cheat Sheet

llabnip's Video Mahjong Cheat Sheet

llabnip's Mahjong Scoring Summary


To put it simply, this is the best mahjong game available on the PC. Four Winds features over 20 different variation of mahjong including Hong Kong Mahjong, American Mahjong, Taiwanese 16-tiles Mahjong, and of course, Japanese Modern Mahjong. The game is highly customizable as well. You can change themes, sound effects, rules, even create your own mahjong hands. In terms of gameplay, the game itself is much more intense and exciting than any mahjong game available in MAME. I highly recommend you to purchase this game if you want to experience how mahjong is really like.

For more information, check out their website at http://www.4windsmj.com.


When opponents in Four Winds make a declaration, all you get is a lame sound effect response. However, because of the game's customizability, you can switch the sound effects with your own voice audio files. I've made 9 voice packs which were ripped from Mahjong Gakuensai 2. 6 are female voices, and 3 are male. There are 6 audio samples in each pack for the following declarations: Pon, Chi, Kong, Reach, Tsumo, and Ron. These voice audio files really add a lot to the overall playing experience and adds character to your opponents in Four Winds.

Female 1 Voice Pack

Female 2 Voice Pack

Female 3 Voice Pack

Female 4 Voice Pack

Female 5 Voice Pack

Female 6 Voice Pack

Male 1 Voice Pack

Male 2 Voice Pack

Male 3 Voice Pack


Even though I don't like the fact that solitaire mahjong games are labeled as mahjong, I still do enjoy the game. Of all the solitaire mahjong games on the PC that I've played, Kyodai Mahjongg is the best. The game has a variety of layouts, is highly customizable, and has a great soundtrack. The music in the game, by itself, was enough for me to purchase the game :) Plus you can use your own images to make your own tiles, which makes Kyodai that much better.

For me, solitaire mahjong is not an intense or exciting game like real mahjong. Instead, its a soothing game that really helps me relax due to its simplicity and ease of play.

For more information, check out their website at http://www.kyodai.com.


Ever wanted to read this site in Czech? Now you can. The site has been translated in Czech by Ivo (I hope I got the name right) and can be found online at http://emux.esero.net/games/rulez/mgakuen.

Note that if the link does not work, try to access the page from the main website at http://emux.esero.net. Once there click on the following to get to the translated page:

  • Click on [VSTUPTE] on the main page at the bottom right corner of the site
  • On the title bar of the page, click on the M in the alphabet listing
  • Click on Mahjong Gakuen
  • Click on Info
  • On the bottom of the Mahjong Gakuen info page, there are two links
  • Click on "primo z webu" to access the web version of the Czech translation of Mahjong in MAME
  • Click on "PDF dokument" to access the PDF version of the translation

Here's my acknowledgement, in no particular order, for the many people that have helped me in the development of the site:

  • Osamu - For providing Yaku translations
  • Justin Carmical - For translating items, dip switch menus, etc for several mahjong games
  • Anton Belenki - For providing me with web space for the site and helping me with web account problems
  • Paul Priest - For providing tips with regards to the difference in versions between Lode Runner: The Dig Fight
  • Tom Sloper - For his great Japanese mahjong guides that were included in his game Shanghai: Second Dynasty. This site wouldn't have gone nowhere without the information learnt from his guides
  • Alien_MAME - For being the #1 fan of the site
  • Ivo - For translating most of the site completely into the Czech language
  • BarfHappy - For creating perhaps the first online English tutorial on video mahjong that taught me much of the fundamentals of how the game is played
  • The MAME Team - For developing MAME and including all these great mahjong games
  • Philippe Lamat, MAMEjong, and anyone else that I forgot to mention