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SETA 1997


SRMP7 is amongst the top mahjong games in MAME. Very few can match with the quality of animation found in this game, nor the purity in how it handles the game of mahjong.

There are 3 different story modes to choose from, each revolving around one of the three opponents in the game. You still challenge all 3 girls, just in a different order. Each story is told through cut-scenes that play throughout the game. The cut-scenes themselves are quite nice. Loads of animation, colorful, and very appealing. Much of the same quality that you would find and expect from a regular anime. A slight issue with them is that that can be a tad too long. Some can last over a minute in length. You sometimes forget that you're actually playing mahjong :)

SRMP7 is video mahjong at its purest. There are no items in the game, which eliminates any advantage for the player. Opponents have no score, which means that you can only win by winning a series of rounds and not by making a really big hand in a single round, which is still pretty rare to do without items anyway. To make matters worse, opponents re-cloth themselves with each round they win. Meaning that you may have to win more rounds than the minimum in order to win the match depending on how many times the opponent wins. The good side about this is that it does make you play more defensively each time the opponent has a clear opportunity to win such as trying to force a draw situation and watching what you actually discard in order to decrease her chances from winning.

I would say that the difficulty of the game is fair. It's not easy, but its not too hard as well. It feels like both me and the opponent has an equal chance of winning. All that it comes down to is me and how I handle my tiles.

SRMP7 is video mahjong at its best and the purest of them all. No wonder it's called "Super Real Mahjong." :)

Difficulty: 4/5
Artwork: 5/5


Who Starts First? At the start of a match, a pair of dice are rolled first by the opponent, and then by you. Whoever has the highest number goes first. You go first as well if it is a tie.
How to Win/Lose a Match? First and Second Opponent:

You can only win the match and defeat the opponent if you beat her a minimum of 4 times. Each time you win a round, the opponent strips one or more pieces of clothing. There are 4 strip scenes. Once you see the last scene, you win.

I say minimum because it may take you more than 4 rounds to defeat the opponent due to the opponent's ability to re-cloth with each round won. Meaning that if you beat them after, you would see the same strip scene as previous. They don't fully re-cloth, only to the extend of the last strip scene shown. You win the match only when you see the last strip scene.

You lose when your score drops to zero or below.

Third Opponent:

Same as above, except that there are 5 strip scenes for the final opponent instead of 4.

Number of Opponents: 3.
Each Opponent's Score at Opening Round: Opponents have no score.
Your Score at Opening Round: 1000.

Points Gain/Lose when Tenpai/No-Ten:

Points Lose when Reach: 1000.
Scoring Multiplier: Type C.
Number of turns per player per round: 24.
Are there Items? No.
What does Each Item Do? No Items.
Can you Bet? No.
Character Stories:

There are 3 different story modes to choose from at the beginning of the game. Each story revolves around a certain character. That character is the one that invites you to the villa where you ultimately challenge each girl in a game of mahjong. The villa is the home of the Asahina sisters. Order of play against the 3 is also different depending on which story you pick.



Yurina Asahina (Story A)

Yurina invites you to the villa to play mahjong after meeting you at a tea house where you work part-time. She is the youngest of the Asahina sisters.

Play Order: Natsuki, Serika, Yurina

Natsuki Asahina (Story B)

Natsuki and you are rival classmates. Being the competitive girl that she is, as well as her discovering that you are one of the elite mahjong players in the school, she invites you to the villa to challenge you. She is the oldest of the Asahina sisters.

Play Order: Serika, Yurina, Natsuki

Serika Randou (Story C)

Serika is the Asahina sister's mahjong teacher. She invites you to the villa so as to give the sisters a chance to see how its like playing against a male player.

Play Order: Yurina, Natsuki, Serika

Are there any Secrets?

Etsuko Toyohara

Etsuko, the maid of the villa, is a challengeable opponent. You can challenge her after defeating the first 3 opponents. That is, if you defeated each of the 3 without using a single continue. This may be triggered by baiman or higher, awaiting confirmation ;-)

Dip Switch Settings: Kuitan:

If on, as it is on default, you can receive a Yaku for Tanyao (All Simples) if your hand is revealed or concealed. You are allowed to make revealed sets in this case and still receive the Yaku. If off, you can only receive the Yaku for Tanyao if your hand is entirely concealed.


If on, as it is on default, the opponent will re-cloth herself each time she wins a round of mahjong. Meaning that if you beat her after, you would see the same strip scene as previous. They don't fully re-cloth, only to the extend of the last strip scene shown. If off, then the opponent does not re-cloth each time she wins..

Why Doesn't the Game Load:

If you tried playing the game in any of the newer versions of MAME, you'll probably notice that the game crashes less then a minute after the game starts up. If you want to play the game, use an older version of MAME. I use v0.69. You can download it at the official MAME website.

The game now works in the latest MAME builds.