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VISCO 1997


Koi Koi is a 2-player Japanese card game in which you basically match up cards of the same suit. The goal of the game is to form card combinations that can earn you Yakus or points that can win you the game. It's surprisingly simple once you get the hang of it.

If you don't know how to play Koi Koi, you're in luck. I've made a complete guide on how to play the game. Click on the Hanafuda section in the left column of the page to view the guide. The game isn't as complex as mahjong which is why everything fitted in a single page. Of course, I didn't really mention anything about strategy but hey, I don't know too much strategy-wise myself.

Just like Lovely Pop Mahjong, Koi Koi Shimasyo 2 is incredibly beginner's friendly. Light indicator above each card in hand light up in blue during your turn to indicate that you can make a pair with another card on table. It lights up in another color, orange-red, to tell you that you can win if you discard that card. Check the screenshot to your left. Another neat feature is what happens when you win. As it lists each card combination made, it also highlights the card combination themselves, to show you what each listed were in case you don't have a clue what you made. Its a great feature to help you understand the scoring system and in learning the card combinations available.

The artwork itself resemble the same art style used in Lovely Pop Mahjong. However, it isn't as animated, mainly due to the amount of characters in the game which is 8. There are only 2 cut-scenes for each opponent. One cut-scene is shown after your first round win of the match, the other is shown when you win the match and defeat the opponent.

The game is fairly difficult. Probably it's more difficult because I don't know how to play Koi Koi all too well myself :)

What's odd about this game is that the initial deal in the beginning of the game seems to be fixed. The cards on table are always of different suit. There never is an instance in which 2 or more cards of the same suit are on table on opening deal. Plus you can't seem to get 3 or more cards of the same suit in your opening hand as well. The game seems to prevent these situations from occurring.

Artwork: 3/5
Difficulty: 4/5


Who Starts First? There is no dice roll or pick of cards to determine dealer in this game.

Instead, you start off as dealer. Turns alternate after between you and the opponent thereafter.

How to Win/Lose a Match? To win the match, you need to decrease the opponent's score to zero or less.

You lose the match when your score is zero or less.

Number of Opponents: 8.
Your Score at Opening Round: 0.
Special Rules: Score doubles made from 20-pt cards on opening table and score doubles made from Koi Koi do not apply to this game. Basically ending scores cannot double, triple, and so on in this game.

In the case of a draw, the dealer of the round automatically wins. Dealer earns 6 Yakus or points.

Other Stuff:

When you make a card combination the game ask you whether you want to continue the round or stop the round. Select "Yes" to continue or select "No" to stop.

You have the option to discard any cards from your opening hand and replace them with other cards randomly selected. This occurs only in your first round after inserting a coin.