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You are Kirara Star, a female crew member of a spacecraft that, oddly enough, is shaped just like the private parts of a guy. You are given orders by your captain to go down to Earth and find 3 female targets. Once you find them, you have to pursue them to come along with you. Your action of persuasion: strip mahjong.

What makes this game different from others is that it implements a quiz game that serves two functions. For one, you can receive items from it depending on how many questions you get right. It can also be used as an alternative method in winning the match against the opponent if you happen to get a series of questions correct. Of course, its not much use if you don't know any Japanese. Still try it anyway as you can get lucky.

Jaleco seemed to have spent a lot of time with this game as it shows. The game is animated rather heavily and can be compare to the likes of Super Real Mahjong P7 in both animation and quality. It features a rather long intro, several cut-scenes, and even a longer ending. The artwork is colorful, detail, and appealing as well.

Even during the game, the presentation shines. Opponents are displayed in a huge panel and reacts occurring to her actions as well as yours. There are more animated sequences when items are used and sequences even when you make a valuable hand. I also dig the whole seamless transition from cut-scene to game screen as well. Very nice.

The game's difficulty is manageable. It's far from easy but it isn't too hard as well. The difficulty doesn't change too much with each new opponent but stays at a rather steady level throughout.

Another great mahjong title.

Difficulty: 4/5
Artwork: 4/5


Who Starts First? Opponent always starts first in opening round of a match. There are no dice rolls.
How to Win/Lose a Match? You can win the match in one of 2 ways. You can either win by decreasing the opponent's score down to zero or you can win the match by revealing the entire picture in the quiz game by answering a set number of questions correctly. Whichever comes first.

You need to beat them in not one but 2 separate matches in order to move on to the next opponent. One cut-scene shown after each match.

You lose when your score drops to zero or less.

How does the Quiz Game work?

Each time you win a round you get a certain amount of time to use in the Quiz game depending on the amount of Yakus you make with your hand. You receive 6 seconds for 1 Yaku, 8 seconds for 2 Yakus, 10 for 3 Yakus and so on. As you can see, each additional Yaku after the first adds 2 seconds to the clock.

You can enter the Quiz game each time you win a round. A screen will appear with the option to enter the Quiz game after scoring is completed and tallied. Press Start to enter the game or press N to skip it. You do not lose the seconds earned if you skip the game, it will be carry on.

The Quiz game is timed-base. You may have as little as 6 seconds to play the game or as much as 99 seconds depending on the Yakus made in your hand as stated above. Within the time frame, you want to answer as much questions correctly as you can. You first choose a category before you are presented with the question itself. Of course, if your like me and don't know a bit of Japanese, then all you can do is guess and hope that you get lucky and get a few right.

Each question answered correctly will reveal a portion of a picture behind the quiz panel. You may have to answer 5, 7, or 9 questions correctly to reveal the entire picture. Doing so will not only reveal the full picture but will also win you the match against the opponent.

Note that whatever portion of the picture you reveal in one quiz game will carry on to the next if you didn't reveal it all.

You also receive items depending on how many questions you answered correctly as well. More on that below.

Number of Opponents: 4.
Each Opponent's Score at Opening Round: Score changes depending on who you pick to play first.

If you pick the first girl (oldest), the opponent's score for the first match is 10000 pts. Each match thereafter sees an increases in points of 2000.

If you pick the second girl in the middle (girl with glasses), the opponent's score for the first match is 12000 pts. Each match thereafter sees an increase in points of 2000.

If you pick the last girl (young red-hair girl), the opponent's score for the first match is 12500 pts. Each match thereafter sees an increase in points of 2500.

Note that the score for the fourth girl which you meet after defeating the first 3 may have a score of + or - 500 or 1000 from the pattern mention above. 

Number of Questions to Reveal Entire Picture and Win Match: First 3 opponent. 5 questions must be answered correctly to win the first match. 7 questions in the second match.

Fourth opponent. 7 for the first, 9 for the second.

Your Score at Opening Round: 1500 pts in first match against opponent.

3000 pts in second match against opponent.

Points Gain/Lose when Tenpai/No-Ten:

Points Lose when Reach: 1000.
Scoring Multiplier: Type C.

Note that only a 100 pt bonus is given for each 100-pt stick placed on table, not 300 pts.

Number of turns per player per round: 18.
Are there Items? Yes. 5 total.
What does Each Item Do? You can only receive items in the quiz game. You receive certain items depending on how many questions you answer correctly within the given time. 

1 correct answer. Receive "Sunglasses" item. When the opponent declares Reach, this item will let you see just what tiles the opponent would need in order to go out. This item is automatically used when the opponent declares Reach.

2 correct answers. Receive "Yaku Slots" item. This will make your opening hand in the next round into a more complete and rarer hand. One of your characters pulls a lever which spins a slot machine that lists varies scoring hands and combinations. The one you land on will be the one that your hand will try to resemble in the next round. It will likely not resemble it completely, only closely. This item is automatically used when you receive it.

3 correct answer. Receive "Dora Shifter Gun" item. This item makes the first Dora that is revealed by you by declaring Kong or winning by Reach into one that favors your own tiles. If you make a Kong of 4-dots for example. The Dora Indicator that is revealed as a result of the Kong will be a 3-dot which makes the 4-dot a Dora. If a Dora Indicator is revealed after you win from Reaching, the Dora indicated by the indicator will be the tile that you have the most of. This item is automatically used when a Dora Indicator is revealed by you.

4 correct answers. Receive "Ron Gun" item. When you declare Reach, the next tile discarded by the opponent will change into the tile needed for you to win. The item is automatically used after declaring Reach.

5 or more correct answers. Receive "Restart" item. This item is used automatically when the opponent wins the round. The win is cancelled by the item and a new round begins.

Each item can only be used once. Though note that you can carry multiple items of the same type. Items that can be used in the round are listed on screen to the very left just above your own hand as shown in the screenshot at the very top.

Can you Bet? No.
Are there any Secrets? Not that I know of.
Anything else?

The last opponent seems to have an item of her own. She can repeal a Ron made by you. She literally breaks the winning tile in half so you would not be able to use it to go out. The round still continues after that.

I also remember a couple of time when the opponent won. But she didn't win. Instead, her winning tile was taken away from her and given to me as a drawn tile. After that happen, her entire hand was revealed for me to see. I don't know why this happen. I had no items in stock and none of the items in the game would do this anyway. This only happened against the red-hair girl but not in every round, only a couple of times. It makes me wonder if this is related to the Ron case with the fourth opponent.

There likely seems to be a special ability for each opponent. It can be beneficial like the Ron case or non-beneficial like for the red-hair girl. I don't know for sure. Pretty interesting though.

Note also that within the dip switch menu is an option called "Tumo Pinfu". It should actually be called "Tsumo Pinfu". If on, as it is on default, you can only receive the Yaku for Pinfu if you go out by Tsumo. If off, you can receive the Yaku for Pinfu if you go out by either Tsumo or Ron.