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VISCO 1996


Once J-Pop sensations, the members of VISKISS have since separated in pursuit of solo goals and desires. Though the group has disbanded, their fans have not. They are pleading for a reunion of VISKISS. The manager of the group thinks the same way as well. As a result, the manager has called on you to meet with all four members of VISKISS and pursue them to reunite one more time for a final concert. Of course, the only way each member will agree to come back is if you beat them in a game of mahjong :)

Like Super Real Mahjong P7, this game is full of animated cut-scenes. Not as animated heavy as SRMP7, more so of scrolling still images, but nice nevertheless.

To top things off, Jan Jan Shimasyo is very beginner's friendly. One feature it has is that the game actually shows you which tile you need to go out with whenever you declare Reach, in case you have more possibilities that you may not have known. Also, at certain times during a round, tiles discarded or drawn maybe highlighted, as reference, to tell the player that you can do something with it if you choose to do so, such as declare Chi or Pon with an opponent's discard. Dora's are also highlighted as well. Not the tile itself, but the keyboard letter representing the tile below is highlighted in blue.

The game isn't entirely difficult, but fairly easy, even on default. Of course, it does get tougher as you face later opponents.

Difficulty: 3/5
Artwork: 4/5



Who Starts First? A pair of dices are shaken in a container at the start of each match. If the dices add up to an odd number, you go first. If it is even, the opponent goes.
How to Win/Lose a Match? To win a match, you need to defeat the opponent in 4 rounds or decrease their score to zero or below.

Unlike Super Real Mahjong P7, opponents do not re-cloth if they win a round, nor do they re-cloth if you continue after losing a match.

Number of Opponents: 4.
Each Opponent's Score at Opening Round: 12000, 25000, 35000, 50000
Your Score at Opening Round: 1500.

Points Gain/Lose when Tenpai/No-Ten:

Points Lose when Reach: 1000.

Reach is still possible even if you have only 500 points. When Reach, you simply go to -500.

Scoring Multiplier: Type C.
Number of turns per player per round: 20.
Are there Items? Yes. 7 total.
What does Each Item Do?

Item A. This item lets you discard any tile or tiles at the start of the round and replace it with others randomly selected. It can only be use at the start of the round.

Item B. This item lets you see through the opponents hand so you can actually see what tiles she has. You can see her tiles the entire round.

Item C. This item makes your hand into a more complete and rarer hand. This is the Level 1 version.

Item D. This item gives you the tile needed to go out right after you Reach. It can only be use when you declare Reach.

Item E. This item is the Level 2 version of Item C.

Item F. This item will not allow the opponent to go out with your own discarded tile. It will shield that tile away from her, and prevent her to declare Ron. But only that one tile is shielded; she can still Ron after if she gets another chance to.

Item G. This item is the Level 3 version of Item C.

You start off with 1000 points to purchase items at the very start of the game. Each time you win a round in mahjong, you get more points. Only half of your winning score in mahjong is added. So if you win a round with a score of 8000, then 4000 points is added to purchase items. 3000 additional points is received each time you continue as well.


This game includes a mini-game that can be played after defeating the 1st and 3rd opponents. The girls of VISKISS participates in a sprint race. You can bet on who, of the 4, will win the race. You get additional points to purchase items if you win.

1st Place: Get 10000 points.
2nd Place: Get 5000 points.
3rd Place: Get 2500 points.
4th Place: Get 0 points.

You can also choose to skip the mini-game as well.

Can you Bet? No.
Are there any Secrets?
Manager of VISKISS

The manager is a challengeable opponent. You can challenge her after defeating each of the 4 members of the VISKISS group. That is, if you defeated each of the 4 without using a single continue. This may be triggered by a Yakuman - awaiting confirmation ;-)

Beginner-Friendly Features: Here's a list of the beginner-friendly features of the game:
  • Opponent's discard tiles are highlighted whenever you have the opportunity to use it to make a set or go out with your hand.
  • The letter association beneath each tile is highlighted blue whenever the tile it is associated with is a dora.
  • After declaring Reach and discarding the unwanted tile, the game displays to you all the tile possibilities that you can go out with.
  • Items C, D, and G turns your opening hand into a more complete hand. The game even tells you what Yaku the hand is suppose to turn out to be.