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Added a couple of MAME related links in the links section.

In mahjong news, the Taisen Hot Gimmick series will be seeing its 5th installment. This isn't another port but an actual new sequel. Not much information has been announced yet about the game except that the game will run on the Taito Type X arcade board, character artwork will come from 5 different illustrators, and the awkward looking Jan Fighting versus battle mode will make its return to the game. There is no release date as of yet. Check out its offical website here. Hopefully more will be reveal in the upcoming weeks.


Added 2 more links in the links section. The first is another Suchie-Pai fan site while the second is another arcade mahjong history site.


Updated the links section with 2 new links that contains extensive information regarding the history of strip mahjong games. Since both are in Japanese, use either of the three translators I have linked in the links section. For the best Japanese to English translation, I recommend using Excite's Translator which is powered by BizLingo. In my opinion, it provides the clearest translation of the three listed. AMiKAi is second best while Babel Fish falls a bit short of clarity.


Not mahjong related, but quite possible the most exciting bits of news that I have heard in the gaming industry in a long while, notably since it's all Sega related. While its only rumors and speculations, there is a strong possiblity that Shenmue 3 will still be released after all this time. The game seems to have been near completion for quite some time and will likely be released on one of the next generation consoles (Xbox360, Playstation 3, or Revolution). For more information check out the site that broke the story at Kikizo Games. Also Sega has annouced a new title for the Playstation 2, which is planned to be released by the end of the year, call Ryu Ga Gotoku which almost seems like a mature and darker version of Shenmue. From the trailer and descriptions of the game, it seems to share a lot of traits that Shenmue I and II had, mimicking the FREE (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment) genre that the series went by. For more information about the game check out its offical website here, or read an informative IGN article about the game here.


Updated the links section with several new mahjong related links.

JULY 2005

This is unusual. There's actually been quite a bit of mahjong activity going on in the past week. For one, SRMP7 now works again in the newest MAME build, v0.98. Also, Guru seems to have received several mahjong arcade boards; most if not all are Dynax mahjong games. One of the games received, Mahjong Chuukanejyo, has already been dumped by Luca Elia. From the screenshots it looks like another typical Dynax BET mahjong game featuring, as always, the Don Den switch. Screenshots of the game can be found at Luca's MAME WIP website at http://www.lucaelia.com/mame.php.


Oops, forget what I said about SRMP7 working in the newer MAME builds.It still doesn't load entirely. It loads and plays for a little while and then crashes. Thanks to Alien_MAME for the correction.

In other news, the 2005 Open European Mahjong Championship took place and ended about 2 weeks ago on June 25. This was the first world mahjong tournament to take place in Europe. Previously it was held in Japan, then China, then Hong Kong. The variation of mahjong played was Chinese Offical, which is quite different from Japanese, especially in the scoring and hands department. There are 81 different hands in this variation and rules such as dora and reach, as seen in Japanese mahjong, do not apply. However this variation does allow flower tiles, which behave similarly to doras in terms of scoring. Also the game is fairly strict in its going out requirement, requiring you to have at least 8 points in your hand to go out. If any of you are interested in learning other variations of mahjong such as this, a game that I recommend, as always, is Four Winds Mahjong for the PC or PocketPC. For more information and results from the tournament check out http://www.mahjongnews.com. Note that the Japanese players ended up winning it all, placing in the top 4 in the individual standings and number 1 in the team standings.

JUNE 2005

With the release of MAME v0.97u1 comes the addition of two newly supported games, Mahjong Reach Ippatsu and Hana Kagerou. Mahjong Reach Ippatsu is a late 1990's BET mahjong game that resembles the old school and popular Mahjong Electron Base. Lots of similar gameplay features including the unique Don Den switch button, where you can exchange your hand with your opponents hand. With all the similarities, you can say that this game is simply a modern version of Electron Base. Hana Kagarou is a BET hanafuda game. Haven't played too much of this yet. Still trying to figure out how to get the controls to work.

Also, if anyone noticed, Super Real Mahjong P7 is fixed and is now playabilty in the newer MAME releases.


The site goes down, now its back up on my good old geocities account. Hopefully this is only temporary as I wait for a reply back for a new web account.

In the mean time, how bout some updates and revisions. Among the things revised and added includes rephrasing and added information in the how to play section, prevailing wind explanation in the special rules section, and 1-4-7 defensive strategy in the strategy section.

I also made a new page that includes all the downloadable files that use to be on the left column of this page as well as other mahjong related information. It's linked somewhere on this page. Find it :)

12.17.2004 Ever wanted to read this site in Czech? Now you can. The site has been translated in Czech by Ivo (I hope I got the name right) and can be found online at http://emux.esero.net/games/rulez/mgakuen.

For anyone interested, I've made a couple of voice samples that can be used for Four Winds Mahjong, which has recently become my new favorite mahjong game on the PC. All voices were ripped from Mahjong Gakuensai 2. In total, there are 9 voices, 6 females and 3 males available for download. Click on any of the 9 character tiles on this page to download them. Replacing the sound effects with actual voices whenever a declaration is made really does add to the overall game. For more information about Four Winds, check out their web site at http://www.4windsmj.com. It's the best english mahjong game available :)

In other news, My Harvest will soon be releasing a port of Taisen Hot Gimmick 4 Ever on the PC in Japan. In fact, I think it's coming out today. For more information, check out their web site at http://www.myharvest.co.jp/myharvest.files/upfile/hg4/hg4.htm. One nice thing about this game is the return of Jun Tsukasa as the artist who drew the characters for the first game. A nice site that has information about his work is a site call Long Range Bullet at http://longrangebullet.namakoteam.com.

As for this site, nothing new to report.

9.3.2004 Updated the mahjong and hanafuda list with the new games added in the latest MAME release.
9.2.2004 MAME v0.86u2 is out and there is a buckle load of new mahjong titles that were added, even a hanafuda game as well. Now this is definately what you call a Mahjong MAME release :)
8.21.2004 Didn't notice this until today, but sound is finally emulated properly for Suchi Pai 2 and Kirara Star in the latest MAME release. Music, sound effects, and voices all sound normal and in sync. Very nice indeed :)
JULY 2004
7.25.2004 For anyone else wondering, SRMP7 does not work with any of the newer versions of MAME. If you want to play it, I suggest that you use an older version of MAME. I use v0.69. You can find older builds at their official website.
7.4.2004 As requested, I have made a compact version of the site in the form of cheat sheets. Printer friendly and only 3 pages long :) Make sure though that you adjust the margins in order to print each page on a single paper. Make margins zero for top and bottom. Cheat sheets are linked from the Dragon tile images at the bottom left of this page above the Kage video. The first cheat sheet deals with mahjong in general, the second deals entirely with scoring, and the third deals entirely with Yakus. However, know that these cheat sheet, while short, cannot replace the benefit of reading the actual site.
7.1.2004 Added new info for Lovely Pop Mahjong about game secrets and beginner-friendly features in the game.

Updated the About section with info on solitaire mahjong which is not real mahjong as you should probably know by now. The fact that they label solitaire mahjong as just mahjong here in the States and likely elsewhere and having people think of mahjong as a completely different game is really just plain sad.

Also updated the Hanafuda game list with Danchi de Hanafuda. Note that unplayable games, for the majority, will not listed in any of the list in the Game section.

MAY 2004
5.23.2004 Made more changes and additions in the Terms section. Also added info in the How To section concerning why I name each sets not by their actual names. In case you didn't know Pon, Chi, and Kong are not the actual names for each set in mahjong. Hopefully this doesn't confuse any one too much. I try to make sure that I use the right terminology but sometimes I need to simplify in order to make things easier and less of a headache to understand.
5.22.2004 Here's something a little different. There's a video for download. At the very bottom of this page you will find a video of Kage's ending in Virtua Fighter Kids. It's a hilarious video that's actually mahjong related. You can probably relate to it yourself. I know I can :)
5.21.2004 Added new information and reworded a bunch of other stuff. Can't really say where because I did it everywhere :) All in the mahjong sections of the website.
5.20.2004 Added Japanese names for various mahjong terms in the Terms and Scoring section. Also made a couple of corrections and some format changes.
5.14.2004 After a week of absence, the site is back online. Last weekend, my web account was hijacked and stolen, which was why the site was down. However, thanks to the help of Anton Belenki, everything is back to normal. I re-uploaded the entire site back online and hopefully everything should work fine as it did before. Well, except for the forum. That thing has been died for more than a month. EZboard seems to be gone since their site no longer works anymore. I'm thinking about changing it to an image board. Always wanted to have one of those. I just need help in making it :) If anyone is familiar with it and would like to help drop me an e-mail. 
MARCH 2004
3.19.2004 Added flyer images for Taisen Hot Gimmick 3 - Digital Surfing.
3.18.2004 Updated the Super Real Mahjong P7 page. Lots of new information and corrections, including info on how to play against the other character in the game, Etsuko.

Also note that SRMP7 does not work with any of the new MAME releases. The game will crash right after it starts up. If you want to play it, I suggest that you use an older version of MAME. I played the game using MAME v0.69.

3.16.2004 Minor update to the Yaku section. Added the Japanese names for 2 Yaku conditions in the Double Yakuman portion that I did not add before.
I guess fans just can't get enough of the Hot Gimmick series :) The first of the series is being ported, this time, to the PlayStation 2 console. Because the game is to receive a CERO 18 rating in Japan, the punishment scenes that the game is best-known for might, in fact, be intact when ported. Additional features in this version includes a Gallery mode to view all the illustration in the game as well as a new character for you to challenge. The game is scheduled to be release on April 29, 2004.
2.24.2004 Added Taisen Hot Gimmick Kairakuten in the MAME Game section.

Also made a few corrections and additions in a few of the other game pages as well.

2.14.2004 Two new Dynax mahjong titles have been added in the latest MAME release, v0.79u1, which are Mahjong Neruton Haikuijirada as well as the very popular and long-awaited Mahjong Electron Base. Now I can finally find out what all the fuss is about with this game :)

The mahjong game list has also been updated with these new additions as well.

1.15.2004 Updated both the mahjong game list as well as the hanafuda game list. Both game list are now up to date with the newest MAME release, v.78u4. Both can be found in the MAME Games section.
1.3.2004 Updated the mahjong game list with 4 new mahjong titles by Dynax that were added in the latest MAME release, v0.78.
1.2.2004 First Taisen Hot Gimmick, now Super Real Mahjong. Azure/Seta has brought the popular mahjong series onto mobile phones in Japan and they're doing a pretty nice job with it as well. The game feature all new artwork, all the old characters from past SRM games as well as characters from Seta's Hi☆Pai Paradise mahjong series. The game is available in Japan now. For more information, click on the images below or translate the sites using Excite's Translation Service in the Link section.

Super Real Mahjong for Mobile

Taisen Hot Gimmick for Mobile

Archived the older news as well.

12.21.2003 Made a minor update in the How to Play section with a bit of new information relating hands in poker with sets in mahjong.
12.5.2003 Minor rework on this page, mainly html clean up. Also note the new image at the bottom of the page :)

Replaced Lycos's Translaton Service with Excite's Translation Service in the link section. Both are powered by AMiKAi but Excite has the better interface.

Added more dip switch translation for Taisen Hot Gimmick.

12.4.2003 Added a new game in the Game section: Stocker. Played it after watching "Color of Money" where this game makes a star appearance. It's short but so so fun. It's all about the shortcuts baby :) I also recommend the movie, especially if you're a pool player like me since this movie is all about pool hustling.

Added flyer images in the Game section for several of the games listed. I got all of them from the The Arcade Flyers Archive's website at ArcadeFlyers.com.

Redid the tables in the Hanafuda section. Now the page has the same page width as every other page on this site. Made a printer friendly version of it as well.

Updated the mahjong game list as well. Mame 0.77u1 adds a new mahjong title called Mahjong Angel Kiss. Looks interesting. It's even made by Jaleco, who also made Suchi-Pai.

11.26.2003 Rewrote the introduction on the top of this page, removed the warning message at the bottom of the page, and moved the little counter image to the left column.
11.24.2003 Added a bit more information in the about section.
11.23.2003 Added a couple of new tips in the strategy section.
11.21.2003 More corrections again. Reformatted some of the pages as well. Though, again, it probably won't be too noticeable a change to you as it is to me.

Also changed BSS to Forum in the left column.

11.16.2003 There are now printer friendly versions of most of the mahjong sections on this site. They are linked at the bottom of each of the pages. There's no more need to adjust margins for page cutoffs since the left column is completely taken out in the printer friendly versions. Now you can make your very own Mahjong in MAME booklet :)

More rewrites and additions here and there, particularly in the Special Rules section. Though it may not be as noticeable a change to you as it is to me.

Archived the older news as well.

10.16.2003 Added a bunch of scoring examples in the Scoring section for a variety of hands. Also added information in the Special Rule section dealing with what happens if you pass up on a winning tile.
10.10.2003 Revised the Scoring and How to Play section a bit. More grammar corrections and some minor rewrites and fixes. Archived the older news as well.
9.23.2003 Updated the mahjong game list with new games that were added in Mame 0.74.
9.19.2003 Corrected a small error in the Yaku section concerning the Little 4 Winds hand.
9.12.2003 New information in the Hot Gimmick and Final Romance 2 pages concerning dip switch settings within the game. Again, thanks goes to Justin Carmical for translating the dip switch screens.

Added some new info in the Special Rules section concerning Tsumo Pinfu and the Kuitan rule. I also made some minor corrections in the Strategy section concerning the Tenpai hands.


I added some new information in both Hot Gimmick game sections concerning how to get rid of the dual screen display problem. So quit e-mailing me about it :)

I also made some minor revisions and additions in a couple of places on the site as well, particularly in the scoring section.

8.29.2003 Updated the Mahjong Gakuensai 2 game page with a bunch of new information. The update includes Japanese to English translations of items, locations, and dip switch settings in the game. Much thanks goes to Justin Carmical, aka Professor Noriaki Kakyouin, for providing the translations.
8.28.2003 I finally came around and reorganized the Yaku section. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while. Much of it is now based on the Yaku list from Super Real Mahjong Premium Collection for the Neo Geo Pocket. Though I did add Yakus that weren't listed in the game that are found in other mahjong games as well. I've also added the actual Japanese names for most of the Yakus. Make sure your browser supports Japanese fonts. Otherwise, all you'll see in its place is a bunch of garbage text.
8.25.2003 Added Billiard Academy - Real Break in the game section. Too much mahjong for me, so I decided to try something else for a change :)

Made a minor update in the Hanafuda tutorial. I finally found out the correct Yaku worth for a "5 Bright" card combination.

8.22.2003 Added Mahjong Gakuensai in the game section.

Archived the older updates in the Past Updates section.

8.13.2003 Added new info for Taisen Hot Gimmick, Lovely Pop Mahjong, and Final Romance 2 concerning with how points are received to purchase items in these games.

Also added new info for Taisen Hot Gimmick and Super Real Mahjong P7 concerning opponent's story-lines and a bit of other stuff as well.

Robbing a Kong information was removed from the Special Rules and Yaku sections. It does not seem to apply in Japanese or video mahjong.

Updated the mahjong game list in the Game section with new mahjong titles that were added in the just released Mame 0.72.

8.10.2003 Added Suchi-Pai 2 in the game section. A very cute and solid mahjong title :)

In other news, it seems that the popularity of the Hot Gimmick series is still alive and well. My Harvest, a Japanese game publisher, has acquired the license to the series and will be porting the series onto the PC. The game is schedule to be release sometime in October. Square-Enix of Japan has also acquired the Hot Gimmick license. They have already ported the series onto cell phones for play in Japan which is available now.

For more info, check out the following links:


JULY 2003
7.29.2003 I did some minor rewriting in both Hot Gimmick pages concerning the hidden characters in the game and how to access them.

I can access all 3 hidden opponents in part 1 but can't seem to get any in part 2. Unlike the first one, you have to input a certain command to play against them. But when I try inputting it during the character select screen after beating the previous 3 without continuing, nothing seems to happen. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I also can't seem to get the hidden opponent in part 3 in Digital Surfing mode.

Does anyone know how to access them? Contact me if you do. I found the instructions on how to get them from Psikyo's homepage, using the Lycos Translator, which can be found in the link section. Maybe I'm just not reading the translation right.

7.21.2003 Added Mahjong Gakuensai 2, a list of all Hanafuda titles in MAME, and changed the layout of the Game section. 

Added some new information in the Lode Runner: The Dig Fight page as well. Thanks to Paul Priest for the info. I can't believe I never realize the differences between the 2 versions of the game. I could have sworn that I played both versions of it. Anyway, most of the new info is at very bottom section of the page.

In other news, Shenmue III has finally been announced. I just wonder what game console the series will venture off to? Part II got ported to the X-Box so its most likely to go there as well. I've waited a long time to hear this announcement for part III, I wonder how much longer I'll have to wait again until its released. If you haven't played Shenmue I or II yet, I strongly suggest that you do. Mahjong is even featured in both games, though you can't play it. There's a mahjong parlor in part I and a whole story building of mahjong parlors in part II :)

7.18.2003 Added Taisen Hot Gimmick 3 to the game section. This has become my new favorite mahjong game :)

Also to note: All the information that I write in the Game section are based on the default setting of the game. Some games like Hot Gimmick allows you to adjust varies aspects of the game include starting points, rounds per play, and a bunch of other stuff relating to the rules of mahjong.

I also made a list of all mahjong games in MAME which can be found in the game section as well. Thanks goes to MAMEjong for letting me include his title translations which can be found in the History.dat file.

7.14.2003 Added another new game, Ryuusei Janshi Kirara Star.

Made a separate page for the Hanafuda tutorial, moving it out of the Koi Koi Shimasyo 2 game page. Page can be found in the left column.

7.11.2003 Added a new game: Koi Koi Shimasyo 2. It's a rather big section since I explain how to play Koi Koi Hanafuda as well :) Enjoy. Note that the section is very image heavy as well.

I've check the MAME WIP section and it's nice to see that Hot Gimmick 3 will be emulated in MAME soon. This series just gets stranger and stranger.

A bit off topic, but if you haven't heard, AM2 has created a web site with screenshots for their new arcade game, Out Run II. Everything from the original seems to be preserved for this game with a new emphasis on drifting. Another neat thing is that endings change depending on how well you drive and how well you please your female passenger along the ride :) Here's the link:


(Copy and paste the link in the Lycos Translation service in the link section to read the site in English)

I'm a bit disappointed because I thought that they were going to announce Shenmue III. Hopefully they still will.

7.9.2003 More minor revisions and additions.
7.5.2003 Added another translation example in the Control section.
7.4.2003 Update the Control section with English translations of commands for Joystick controlled mahjong games.

Also updated the pages of each mahjong game in the Game section with the Scoring Multiplier Type for each as explained in the Scoring section.

Made a new page for old updates.

Lots of minor revisions and additions everywhere else.

JUNE 2003
6.30.2003 Even more information added in the Scoring section. Scoring, as with rules, varies from game to game. It really ticks me off. I think I managed to cover it all though. Maybe not.

New information in the Special Rules section as well concerning passing up on a winning tile.

Also check out the little warning message I posted at the very bottom of this page.

Too much mahjong for me. I'm taking a break from it. No more updates for a while.

6.29.2003 I got mahjong in my pocket! I finally came around and bought Super Real Mahjong for my Neogeo Pocket Color. The artwork is surprising good. It seem to use a hell of a lot more color than other titles on the portable. Its just as fun and just as difficult as its arcade variation. It even has a guide within the game that displays every single Yaku condition in mahjong as well. Very sweet indeed!

Big update in the Scoring section. A couple of errors I had in it are now fixed, mainly pertaining to the multiplier for being dealer and non-dealer. Also moved stuff around from the Screen section to the Scoring with additional information on those counters you see displayed on screen. Some rewrites as well. Much more, if not very accurate now.

Added "Robbing a Kong" in the Yaku section. Probably other stuff as well that I forgot about.

6.28.2003 Fixed an error in the Yaku section concerning the All Green Hand. Only certain bamboo tiles can be use to make the hand, not any of them. Thanks again to Osamu for pointing it out.

Revised the Reach section in the How To section and some other texts above it. I took out the Nine Gates hands in the Other Hands section as well. I realized that its just another 4 sets and pair variation, just with a whole lot of tile possibilities to go out with.

6.26.2003 I elaborated more on winds in the How To section and did a couple of minor revisions elsewhere.
6.24.2003 As you can see, the site has moved. Thanks goes to Anton Belenki for providing the account and web space.

I tidy up the site a bit. Mostly grammar and spell checking. Nothing too noticeable. Thanks also to Osamu for providing a couple of the Japanese names of Yakus that I did not know.

6.23.2003 Added a whole lot of new stuff everywhere. First off, I decided to make a Yaku section myself. It is based on the PDF file that I am still providing on the site, but is rewritten and reorganized differently. Its a very big section to say the less.

Other additions includes a guestbook, Reach Stick information in the Scoring section, new screenshots in the Screen section, more terms in the Terms section, and rewriting of the Special Rules section. Maybe minor stuff elsewhere that I forgot as well.

The site is virtually completed. I know I said that before but now I mean it this time.

6.20.2003 More additions. In the Special Rules page, there's a new section explaining about Robbing a Kong. I should have mention it before but forgot to. There is a big update to the scoring section. Lots of new information concerning scoring and reaching. Also I finally found the homepage of Tom Sloper. I added a link to his site in the links section.
6.18.2003 I tweaked up the How to Section. Not massive rewrites that I thought I would do, but just new additions mostly. I wrote a couple of new things in the screen section as well.

The site is basically done. Maybe some new game additions but that's about it. I've completed most of what I planned out to do for the site and am pretty satisfied with how everything turned out. If there is anything else you what me to add, give me an e-mail or write something up in the forum.

6.17.2003 I added a BBS to the site. I'm not too familiar with how these kind of stuff work though. Hopefully the board doesn't disappear once my 30 days trial period ends for EZboard. Something to do with Gold membership. I can create a board without paying over there, right? I guess I'll just have to wait and find out.

Finally added the link section. Lots of other great mahjong sites listed there so check it out.

6.16.2003 On second thought, I decided to scrap the big section on Yaku. Instead I found a useful PDF file while online which is available for download that contains all possible Yaku situations and tile combinations. I did not write it. It was written by Tom Sloper who created the computer mahjong game, Shanghai: Dynasty. It is for download in the special rules section.

As a result, I started reworking and about finished the scoring section. Click there and learn just how scores are calculated. It wasn't as difficult as I initially thought.

6.14.2003 Rewrote the vast majority of the Special Rules section. A brief overview of Yaku is included in it as well. The section is much more accurate now. Check it out.

Expect lots of rewrites. I plan to redo the How To section as well in the future. I want to make it more clear and detail then it is currently.

Expect a massive section just for Yaku later next week.

6.12.2003 Two more games added. Final Romance 2 and Drift Out 94.

I've been reading a shitload of rulebooks for Japanese Mahjong and am learning so much about the game that I never realized before. I finally figured out the real reason for why you can and sometimes can't go out. Besides having a Furiten, it's also mainly because you must have at least one Yaku in your hand in order to go out. This explains so much. I'll try to elaborate more about that later on.

Anyway, its good to see more people coming to the site. Thanks goes to the guys at MAME32 for posting a link to my site.

6.11.2003 New game added. Logic Pro. It isn't mahjong, but it's a great game nevertheless.
6.10.2003 Lots of new tips in the strategy section. Tenpai hands galore! Also check out the Special Rules section and learn about Furiten. I rewrote the introduction and about section as well. Couple of minor addition and revisions everywhere else. Damn I really need to advertise this site more. No one comes here :)
6.6.2003 Added 2 more games in the MAME Games Section. More revisions and corrections in the various mahjong sections as well.
6.4.2003 Started on the MAME Games Section and its progressing nicely. In it I added my own top picks for mahjong and non-mahjong games in MAME. Though, that was just for fun. The meat of this new section is to go more in depth with the different mahjong games available. I already did two games so far. Check it out yourself.

Lots of other revisions, here and there, as well.

NBA Finals are starting today, so I might be ignoring this site again ;)

6.2.2003 It's a new month, and it's time for a new update. I completed the How to Section as well as the Terms section. Hopefully, you guys and girls can understand my writing. I try to be as specific as I can, but sometimes I may just end up confusing people even more. E-mail me if you don't understand a certain section or area in the site, and I will try my best to clear things up and make more sense out of it.

I also cleaned up the site and made revisions and editing here and there. The site, while not entirely finished, is making some very nice progress. Don't you think? As always, more to come.

MAY 2003
5.30.2003 Finally started on the How To section. Still not completed, about half way through. Couple of new stuff, here and there, in the different sections, particularly the addition of tile images. New logo as well. Hopefully the new font will show up on your computers. Lots more to come. Though don't expect daily updates like you are seeing now from the time being. I will probably update ever other day.
5.29.2003 Loads of new info.
5.28.2003 Site Created