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Welcome to Mahjong in MAME. Here you can find just about everything there is to know about video mahjong as I try to explain all aspects of the game, from how the game is played, rules of the game, strategies to make yourself a better player, Yakus, and more. Besides that, there are also game specific guides on how to play certain mahjong games like Taisen Hot Gimmick and Suchie Pai as well as non-mahjong games like Logic Pro and Lode Runner that are all available for play in MAME. There's even a guide on how to play Koi-Koi, a Hanafuda game, as well.

Just to note, this site teaches how to play 2-player video mahjong of the Japanese variation. This site should not be used as a primary guide to play traditional Japanese 4-player mahjong or other variations since there is a lot of information that I leave out that are essential. Such information includes how to build the game wall, what sets have priority over what, variation differences, and so on. The reason I do not include these information is simple: either they do not apply at all in video mahjong, or it is because the computer automatically does that task for you.

Video mahjong is a great game. It's both a game of skills as well as a game of luck. Though be warned that it takes quite a bit of time to fully understand the game. You can't just play only knowing that to win a round of mahjong, you need 4 sets and a pair. There's a lot more to the game than that. There are special rules that you should know, scoring, as well as the all important Yakus.

There is more to video mahjong than most people realize. Hell, even I didn't know that there was that much to it as well :)

Anyway, enjoy the site.

---- Kiyo21 ----

WOW! Updates are like buses. None for ages then two turn up at the same time!

Whilst reacquainting myself with the rules and hands in Hanafuda, I remembered that the problem I had last time was that I couldn't really make out the cards from the icons in the instructions.

I've spent today ripping a new set of larger, clearer icons and rearranging the page so it all fits. I also updated the printer-friendly version too.

Check out the new page using the link to the left and you can compare by looking at the old page here.


Cheers for now, AeroCityMayor.


Woohoo! Long, long time, no update!!!!

I am the proud owner of a Google Nexus 4 phone and had to restore to factory settings when Lollipop was installed. I took the opportunity to find some new games and stumbled upon a very nice little Hanafuda game.

The game is available from the Google Play Store. It is called Hanafuda 2 and made by team-bka


Cheers for now, AeroCityMayor.

P.S. Note the name change. I am now AeroCityMayor: entity formerly known as alien_mame


Woohoo! Long time, no update!!!!

We have had a new member join the forums of late and whilst that isn't particularly spectacular news, the information llabnip supplied on how to play the [BET] games in Mahjong has proven really useful. I have added this information as sensitively as possible to the Controls section of the site. Click the link on the left to have a look.

In addition, llabnip has also created a cheat sheet which looks fantastic, all in Black and White, IMVHO. The single A4 sheet in pdf format contains information on tiles, turns, and basic 1 Yaku hands. See the Cheat Sheet section in More Mahjong by clicking on the "Walk the Dog" pic at the bottom of this page.


Cheers for now, alien_mame.


The other day I received one of those emails that makes you go WOW or Ooooh, noice!!! And I quote:-

If you go to http://www.gamedesign.jp, you will see a 4-player mahjong game and a hanafuda game, both available in English.

If you go to http://www.vector.co.jp/vpack/filearea/win/game/table/mahjong/, you will see some downloadable mahjong games. The site is in Japanese, though.

Useful vocabulary: ダウンロード = download

WOW, noice!!!

Cheers for now, alien_mame.


BIG thanks to Gatinho over at MAMEWorld who has created some artwork to help y'all recognise/remember tiles, input keys and 1 Fan YAKUs. He has also very kindly allowed us to host the artwork here on Mahjong in MAME. Just click on the "Walk the Dog" picture at the bottom of this page for more information..

Cheers for now, alien_mame.


BIG thanks to Kiyo21 who has been in touch and uploaded the entire site to its new home and allowed us to maintain and host the site from here on.

We are still hosted without pop-ups/nag screens; we still have the same new contact email address and new sub-forum over at petes-emulation.com. All of the pages have been updated to reflect these new details and the new hit counter from our current host carries on from where the .nm.ru domain left off. The "Printer Friendly" pages have also been restored.

My main philosophy for the site is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!" Its going to be pretty hard to improve on Kiyo21's content, but if I find anything worthwhile adding, I will.

Cheers for now, alien_mame.


Thanks to a "donation" from COOLDUDE over at petes-emulation.com we have now resurrected Mahjong in MAME and moved to a new home. Kiyo21 has simply put too much time and effort into the creation of the site and collated a lot of quality information all in the one place to let it vanish.

We are now hosted without pop-ups/nag screens; we have a new contact email address; and we have a new sub-forum over at petes-emulation.com.

Please continue to enjoy Kiyo21's hard work.

Cheers for now, alien_mame.

Kiyo21: If you see this, please feel free to contact me and I will happily hand this all back over to you. Or you could simply bestow your blessing on us ;-)


The regular account is 404 so I've ripped it from the Way Back Machine and popped it here as a temporary measure. Ironic that I've removed the printer friendly pages as it was I who requested them in the first place.

Cheers for now, alien_mame.

addendum: The extraction from the Way Back Machine was not complete and I am missing a few screenshots from the scoring section. I have dug out a hardcopy of the site which I will scan to add the missing material back in.


It's been quite a while since my last update. With the unfortunate free time that I have as of late, I might as well do something with this web site. I've added a new game in the game's section: Pro Mahjong Kiwame, one of the few if only 4-player mahjong game in MAME.

Also added 2 new links in the links section and updated the Final Romance 2 page in the games section.


The site is back on its regular web account thanks again to Anton Belenki for his help.

Also, I've made several edits and revisions throughout the site, notably in the How to Play, About, and Controls sections.

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